Crona is a drug dealer, pass it on.

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    Sylvie: >3> You’re damn right I’m getting some for free. Alright dear. I believe you. *chu*
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    Well if you really want some you can get it for free I-I didn’t do it, I swear!!
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    Never this couldn’t be. Crona is Crona. He\she could never do something like this. If it’s true I will do everything in...
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    My blood is purple, dude…
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    *laughs* Yeah, it looked like it!
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    I was just feeling a little mischievous.
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    "It’s not true Maka…………… little Crona would never do such a thing"
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    Crona is a twerking drug dealer, pass it on.
  14. hound--of--justice said: [Crona’s got that bomb ass weed, man.]
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